tagErotic PoetryDay Master took His slave

Day Master took His slave

byslave naia©

The day a Master took His slave

He lays His hands upon me, my body chills straight to the bone
For now He has made me His slave, i shall never be alone
His guidance and love, Is all i seek at night
This Master has opened this girls eyes, she has seen the light
she kneels down before Him, In His mercy she begs for more
she not only wants to be His baby, she longs to be His whore
she has a voice yet does not speak, she is silent when He is near
Her thoughts are not her own, yet she thinks very clear
she surrenders everything she has, He takes it in His hands
she obeys His every whim, Jumps at His demand
For this Master is her only one, The true one that she serves
For she is strong, this slave, she knows what she deserves
she simply smiles up at Him, as to thank Him with her sighs
she doesn't have to say a word, He can see it in her eyes
her head falls to the floor, in her position she shall stay
In her heart and soul she knows, she is meant to be that way
He takes her, everything she has, everything she has known
she shivers with pride because she knows, He has finally called her home.

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