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Debauchery Display


piss, shit, cum, vomit, spit
i proudly play in all of it
from 69 to k9, i'm one wild behind
take control, rape my holes
let me satisfy your sadistically,
savage sexual soul
thoroughly drain your balls
cumming any and everywhere
unlike with most sisters
you can nut in my hair
bind me tightly
treat me impolitely
humiliate me daily
degrade me nightly
sell me on the street
to whoever will buy me
muzzle my mouth
tape my tits
have me blow your boys
while they all take shits
i have no pet peeve with pets
hell, i'm one myself
sexuality is currency
and i have an abundance of wealth
us me as your urinal
gag me with your spoon
feast on my filth
become consumed
make me your milk enema empress
and your vile, vomit vixen
i'm a five course meal
and come with all the fixin's
sipping sperm through a straw
stuffing undies up my cunt
i'm a filthy, fucking fornicator
there is no need to front
bukkae is a blast
be it white, yellow, or brown
bobby brown was wrong
somebody is humping around
taboo is what i do
and behind closed doors
i bet you do too
your dick desperately craves
the depraved ways i behave
i take pride in being
a bisexual sex slave
i'm a submissive with no voice or choice
do with me what you choose
but i do have one question
has your dick begun to ooze
even if you don't
i accept me as i am
i'll have you quoting florida evans
damn! damn! damn!

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