Your delight as I take your hand and like a man I lead
You tremble in anticipation, your eyes bright they plead

Pull you into my firm, tight and passionate embrace
Our lips touch and your heart begins to race

Our bodies entwined, my hands begin to trace
Your hips, your thighs, your breasts, then I touch your face

A hiss of breath and a sharp intake of air
As I bite your lip and gently tug your hair

Using your hair as a handle I guide you to the bed
kissing you and fondling, I slide down to give you head

Breathless and panting, totally horny as all sin
you groan out your enthusiasm, as I take of your pants and begin

Licking, sucking and nipping your delicate little bit
I slide two fingers in your hole and lick your tiny clit

groaning now and thrashing, you writhe upon the bed
Never have you had a guy give such amazing head

Teasing you by biting the inners of your thighs
my fingers in your centre I stare into your eyes

A thrill runs through you from your brain, down to your hole
Knowing that in that look, I have seen the naughty in your soul

I find inside your cunny a G-spot with the deft and surest touch
I lick and suck upon your toes. My fingers work your crotch

you moan and scream your pleasure as my fingers do their thing
I feel your juices running from your hole, what pleasures I can bring

Living in the moment as you cum and spasm and scream
Your brain all light headed. you know this is not a dream

I smile at you, as you slowly calm your heart
I head back to your clitty, your pleasure I re-start

Licking and lapping that swollen and throbbing little thing
I want you to cum upon my face, I want to hear you sing

So I lap and lick, not stopping or varying my pace
I see the look of pleasure imprinted on your face

Throbbing and twitching your body is a humming
Throw you head back in pleasure, I can feel that you are cumming

My fingers still deep in your tight and hungry hole
I feel that pussy cumming, your next upon my pole

Throwing back you head you shout out "fuck me"
Deep inside you with my cock is where I need to be

So I slide my dick into your wet and dripping place
I draw in a deep breath and set an even pace

Sliding in and out whilst playing with your tits
I increase my pace, while you are having fits

You can't control the things that I can and have released
Lust rising up in you. I have uncaged your inner beast

You cum upon my cock in a rushing surging wave
I am in charge of your body and you are now a slave

Slave to that thick, hard and pounding cock
You have another orgasm, on the bed head you do knock

You groan and writhe, "fuck me" is all that you can say
as the drilling it continues, fucking you in the proper way

I twist you on your side, put a pillow beneath your ass
Fucking you with power and style of a different class

You now feel like you are being railed by a tank
The tilt of your pelvis the angle of my dick, the pillow you can thank

I slide it in hard, and deep as deep can be
holding up your leg, my cum soaked cock is what I want to see

Your pussy now is drenched and totally freaking wet
I know that you can cum some more, want to place a bet?

Listening to your moans, I pull out just before you cum
Teasingly I slap My cock, gently on you bum

Guiding you with precision like a man who knows his stuff
I roll you over to do you doggy and grab you by the scruff

On your hands and knees you wriggle to the side
I move my hands onto your back and into you I slide

Plunging into your soft and yielding vag
Your moans of pleasure, music as I thrust into your spadge

You know you want to cum upon my thick and pounding cock
You cry out with my thrusting, another orgasm I un-lock

I slide my dick out of you and put my hands upon your hips
I rub my swollen pulsing cock on your pussy lips

Shaking and a trembling your pussy I have rent
I whisper to you cum with me, I am nearly spent

My balls are aching and my nob is nearly done
So I am going to pound you, I know that we had fun

So I will fuck your pussy hard and really fast
Judging from your breathing neither of us will last

I guide you back, taking you on my pole
You are so damn wet; I slip deep into your hole

Both of us are groaning in pleasure, as I am fucking you
"Oh my god I cumming you shout, I can't wait, what do I do

Just cum on my cock, while I keep on thrusting
Don't worry I'll be done soon, my pace I am adjusting

Your orgasm rips through you, and you let out a mighty shout
Your hot wet pussy milks my cock, I manage to pull out

I squirt my thick hot load; it sprays across your back
Both of us spent and done, the last drops roll down your crack

That was amazing you finally manage to say
Where the hell did you learn to fuck that way?

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