tagErotic PoetryDesire in Silk

Desire in Silk


This poem is for my Lord. Inspired by His instructions to bring to Him five silk scarves, and one must be black.

Five they are…
Soft silk caressing
Enticing, teasing
Waiting for His touch
His direction

Black as night
Soft and shimmering
Flowing down
Covering beauty
Yet to be revealed
A wrapping yet to be opened
Loveliness waiting
For the reaching hand

Glowing amber warming to caramel
Touch of fall
Twines about shiny red-gold tresses
Sweetening, highlighting
Slipping sensually over shoulders
Trailing down frail spine
Tickling, sensitive flesh

Scarlet fires deepening to crimson
Warming luscious mounds
As they conceal and provoke
Rosy peaks into hardening
Underneath silken touch
Binding gently
Until released

Deepest purples and blues
Swirling colors of dusk
Tempting stars out of hiding
Wrapped round hips
Full and soft
Hiding woman’s treasure
‘Neath twilight’s hues

Ivy and ocean green
Twirling and swimming
Binding loosely slender wrists
Offered in supplication
Beckoning fingers
To twist and tie
Claim and command

She awaits His pleasure....

He reaches out with
Strong fingers long, supple
Lifting carefully
Revealing His desire
Twisting and gathering
Black into a band
Impervious to light
Then slowly settling it
Round eyes wide and trusting
Tying and blinding

As His fingers slide down
Tug gently and release
Red-gold rain to shimmer
Down a delicate back
Weaving amber and caramel
Into a golden rope
To softly bind
Slender ankles side by side

Accepting the offer
He liberates wrists
Only to bring them
Back and behind
Coiling green serpentine hues
About creamy fragile wrists
Winding tighter
Up around arms
Drawing them back
Emphasizing other beauty

Easing warm caressing fingers
Beneath fiery silkiness
He releases the heat
Concealing succulent globes
Topped with rosy peaks
Smoothing between fingers
He winds the fire back around
Without hiding instead
Binding, enhancing
Nature’s bounty

Carefully He unties, unwinds
Silken blues and purples
From soft full hips
Revealing the source of liquid heat
Smoldering between velvet thighs
Sliding sensuous silk
Through skillful fingers
He weaves a band
Gently wraps it about
Slender throat
Offered in submission


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