tagErotic Poetrydick sucking done right

dick sucking done right


i can't stand women
who play with dicks
put that shit in your mouth
and suck on it
it's a dick not a toy
fisher price didn't make it
suck that shit down your throat
as far as you can take it
i make dicks wet
get balls all sloppy
i do that shit
like a job not a hobby
if your chick don't make it juicy
baby i will
sit her ass in the corner
to take notes on my skills
dick down my throat
tongue on your balls
just the thought has you ready
to cum in your draws
i love sucking dick
about it i have no shame
when a dick's in my mouth
i bring my "a" game
i work the whole shaft
leaving no part unattended
my dick sucking skills
are always commended
ladies, step to the side
if you can't suck dick right
and trust that your man will be
cummin' in my mouth tonight

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