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Did you like?


I sat and wondered if it was I that he liked.

or if he had just gotten use to...

the idea of us...

of what we were

and what we always wanted to be.

I thought about the years

and the memories that we shared-


as long as we were together

it seemed that we could get through anything.

I laid down to rest my head but found myself

drowning in thoughts of...


I knew that even though we care

so very deeply

that it has proven to not be enough.

I cried about the love we shared...

praying that we could still share that


but knowing that it had died,

so long ago.

I lay there conquered by these feelings

of grief,

and I wondered if he felt the same


or really if he didn't feel like I didn't feel.

I stood lost in my own room

our room - it used to be ours...

but I knew then that it was mine

and the house was cold

and I was alone.

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