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Different Love!


Once upon a time, there was time of Tyranny.
There were days of some fools and days of Autocracy.
They had rulers who could rule; they had people to submit.
As many did they want, for the one or many.

In those days and nights, it was time of power.
They did anything for power; they did everything with power.

In those days and nights, they did all that they could do,
For the rules or discipline, or the system of their fun.

They could curse each other; they could hurt each other;
Without any boundaries; and with no one’s permissions.

Some called them tyrants and considered them despots.
The others gained the knowledge and they filled up all their pots.

If the truths were learned, or the lies were forbidden;
Or just they’d done some work, to search the ones being hidden.

There were many Masochists.
There were plenty of Perverts.
They could cry with getting hurt,
But could cry-cry for ‘Getting Hurt’.

As Sadists were some sadists, they got all that what they wanted.
Their passions, satisfactions, and the pleasures with this fun.

It has always been the same; Poor Masochists sacrifice!
Their desires got buried, with their bodies, souls, and minds.

With an Advent of Stars, the tables got turned.
With the leashes being broken, Sadistic Desires got burned.

They could no more get their needs,
They got troubles in their deeds.
They submitted themselves, to accept Masochists’ leads.

During nights and the days, or their fights and their pays;
They kept getting closer, while playing their plays.

When the world got connected, they were all surprised.
They are not few singles, everyone has realized.

It’s time to wake-up, it is time to get up.
I’m not that bad, as they want to make me up.
Either sadist or pervert, or a masochist covert.
We can join each other, either go down or get up.

You should not hate me, if you can’t simply love.
I’ve always been with you, since the beginning of this love.
You need to test it first, whether it is good or not.
You also need this, whether accept it or not.

This love is different!
Here, fear is different!
We can share this love,
In the ways I want…
My Different Love!

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