Oh the honor proposed, from the love of my life

Last night he requested that I be his wife.

Yet a dilemma I have that swirls in my head

A choice to be made, before we're to wed.

Preston's my love and the man of my dreams

Great lover and friend, he's all that he seems.

Yet I have a boyfriend of the battery kind

And my fiancé's afraid that he'll be outshined.

I named him, Big Dick, because that's what he is

A big, fleshy dildo with balls full of "jizz".

He fucks me and fills me when I need a lay

Whether I want it all night or just minutes a day.

I've had Big Dick longer, quenching my snatch

But my fiancé, my love, is truly a catch.

So I've been given the choice, just whom do I pick

My fiancé Preston or my dildo Big Dick?

I do love them both in such different ways

So how do I choose who goes and who stays?

Preston respects me and is gentle in bed

But Big Dick dives right in and plows me instead.

Preston makes love, he's one to adore

But Big Dick makes me feel like I am his whore

Preston can take me out on a date

But where sex is concerned he cannot relate.

I love to be fucked, the harder the better

And Big Dick just knows how to keep my cunt wetter.

I put the batteries in and fill up his balls

I can stick him to chairs, the tub or the walls.

Then I'll suck him a bit to lube up his rod

And tongue fuck his hole and build up his wad.

When I straddle Big Dick, he stretches me out

And fucks me like mad til I scream and I shout,

"That's it! Oh Big Dick...I'm ready to cum!"

Then I turn up the power til my pussy goes numb.

I vibrate inside til my legs start to shake

Give this up? There's no way, I just can't for fucks sake!

Now I'm practically doing the splits on the floor

Big Dick's going deeper and I'm screaming for more

I'm fucking his shaft, such an incredible ride

And I'm convulsing and cumming as he explodes deep inside.

He fills up my cunt with his warm, sticky goo...

But Big Dick is still buzzing so I know he's not through.

He knows how to satisfy his cum hungry lass

So with a smirk I back up and he slips in my ass.

He stretches that hole like no one before

And I know when he's done, I'll be pleasantly sore.

As he's pounding my ass, I'm rubbing my clit

One hand gripping my sheets while ones squeezing my tit

His vibrations are high and I'm loving his girth

Big Dick fills my ass for all that its worth.

Another load blown and I climax again

This time, for the moment, I think we're both spent.

Big Dick's balls are drained and his buzzing has slowed

With his batteries worn he has shot his last load.

Now my head is just spinning from orgasm bliss

And my thoughts turn to Preston and the love I would miss.

It's true he can hug me and hold me at night

But should playing with Big Dick cause us to fight?

A real man provides and needs not compete

Does all that he can to sweep his love off her feet.

Be understanding in love, friendship and trust

But he says it's not proper for a lady to lust.

"To Hell then!" I say, they're plenty of fish in the sea

I love this man dearly but what about me?

Accept me or not, for the whore that I am

I'm keeping Big Dick and I don't give a damn.

If you disagree with my choice then that is your right

I have batteries, galore, to make me cum every night.

Now I don't mean to hurt you but my decision's been made

So go if you must so I can get laid.

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