tagNon-Erotic PoetryDistance is Never Ending until That

Distance is Never Ending until That


Sometimes distance seems to be the biggest factor on emotions. Its amazing how people you care about, and love can be so close to you, but seem so far away. The greatest test is if love can conquere distance. If two people love each other, distance should be the grain to make them stronger. It will be the final product to see if both people are as strong without each others side. Distance tends to make me think each day is a week, each week is a month, and each month feels like a year of separation. Time and patience is the key to getting though the barrier. Faith is another factor. If God does not want the two people to be together he will make it happen. If God wants to see the dedication, and commitment in each person, he will make them go through obstacles to finally achieve the love that was waiting for them at the end of the road. God wants to know the two people that are hand in hand, appreciate what he gave them; that is love being blessed in them. Love is a sacred thing, to find that "soul mate" is one of Gods true beauties. He will let you feel all that you can. When two people fall in love, in time it will seem like the struggles, hardships, dedication, and distance was all worth it. Distance can be the key to opening Gods eyes and letting him know love can be done with distance in the way. God will only give us as much as he knows we can handle. Distance will separate me from Phil, the one I want to be with. But I know in the long run it was all worth it to be in my soul mates arms.

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