tagErotic Poetrydoing it in the dungeon

doing it in the dungeon


some candle wax fun

a cock ring for your dick

just a couple of ideas

from my bag of kinky tricks


a sex swing in the dungeon

a glory hole in the wall

and something for us to share

a smooth, red gag ball


a doctor's examning table

and some stirrups for my feet

we just need and audience

to make the night complete


we only charge the pervs

a dollar to see our show

the money is not as important

as me getting to be a ho


i place the gag ball in your mouth

and your eyes i blindfold

and like a good little slut

you do exactly as you're told


for the crowd you stroke your shaft

then they each get a turn

lighting up a candle

so the wax your balls can burn


when your turn is over

you roughly blindfold me

leading me to the glory hole

making me be nasty


one by one i sucked

what seemed like twenty dicks

then they turned around

and twenty assholes i did lick


my feet are in the stirrups

as several hands grope my boobs

someone's hand is so far up me

it's tickling my fallopian tubes


and now the twenty dicks

i sucked

are the twenty by which

i will be fucked


they all shoot their load

into one big glass

i put you over my stocking clad knees

and syphon it into your ass


by the time our fuckfilled

adventurous night ends

we've both fucked some strangers

and some long time friends

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