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Domina Seuss


A Domme with a whip and her hand on her hip
looked down with a frown at her sub (who was bound
with ropes of all colours, some red and some blue,
and covered in clothespins and waxy drips too);

Said the Domme to the sub, your behaviour is bad
I've told you before, you're driving me mad
You need to be punished, you don't seem to learn
that an orgasm's something that has to be earned

The sub knew she was right, but try as he might,
he could not beg forgiveness (the gag was too tight)
and so he just lay there, resigned to his fate,
could do nothing but whimper and watch her and wait
as she went to her toybox and pulled out some things
(a frozzle, a snickwrench, some rugga-dug rings...)

His eyes opened wide as she knelt down beside
his taut straining body, and tortured his hide
and all of the neighbours for miles around
put plugs in their ears to deaden the sound

He's a better boy now, he does as he's told
he's very polite, never dares to be bold,
and if he gets horny and hungers to blow
he'll first ask permission (and hear the word No)

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