tagNon-Erotic PoetryDon't Tell Me

Don't Tell Me


Don't tell me
You like me
When you show me
You don't:

When I talk
You don't listen;
You'd rather watch T.V.
Than talk about important things...

Don't tell me
You want me
When you show me
You don't:

When I make advances
You retreat, pull away.
Making love is
Unappealing to you...

Don't tell me
You need me
When you show me
You don't:

When I remind you of obligations
You rebel like a mule;
You think compromise means surrender.
You think co-operate means pacify.

Don't tell me
You love me
When you show me
You don't:

You neglect me, ignore me--
You do not respect me.
You think about YOUR wants, needs and feelings,
Not mine!

If you want me
To believe
When you tell me
You like, want, need and love me,

Then you need
Because life is too short
For words...

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