tagErotic PoetryDream Lover

Dream Lover


Sit here my love.
Relax your mind.
Close your eyes.
Feel me baby.

As I caress your hair,
Your face, your lips,
I want to straddle you,
and gently tease your mouth with my tongue.

I feel your manhood begin to grow.
Do you want me?
How bad?
I must make you wait.

I will taste your tongue.
Slowly you pull on my sweet tongue.
I feel warmness in my panties from your suckle.
Feel my breast press against your chest.

I reach down feeling something hard and ready, for
something pink and wet.
I hold it in my hand stroking and teasing the tip.
Oh how I want your pre cum upon my lips.

I gently nibble your neck,
sticking my tongue playfully inside your ear.
You call my name.
I work my way to your chest.

Where I lick your hard nipples.
I press my ear against your chest,
hearing your heart beat.
I know that you are ready for me.

It is your time to plead as I have before.
I work my way down,
your stomach presses against my face.
Your body and soul enjoy the pleasure I am giving you.

You pull my hair and call my name.
I brush my lips against your spear.
Your hips move wanting me,
to take all of you into my mouth.

Not yet I mustn't forget the jewels.
they need attention too.
I stroke the shaft of your penis.
Slowly pulling down on it,
it is pulsating in my hand.

I know that it is time.
And I place my hot lips upon your manhood,
as I playfully tease it with my tongue.
I taste your salty juice on my lips.

You plead for mercy as I tease your body with my touch,
no my dear tonight I am in control.
I treat myself to a portion of your spear,
it throbs inside of my mouth.

Your groans make my juices flow.
You lift me onto your chest and kiss me passionately.
I slowly guide your manhood inside of my pinkness,
I feel it throbbing deep inside of my walls.

We make love slow then fast, faster.
You can hardly breathe as I ride you baby,
We kiss as we hold each other close,
We are almost to the end of our journey.

Come let us share our dreams with one another,
take us to our special place,
where we will rest til early dawn.
Thank you my love for making me cream,
For without you I could not dream!

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