tagNon-Erotic Poetrydreams of tomorrow

dreams of tomorrow


in the silence of the morning
i write what comes to mind
all throughout my day
and to another time

in Your loving arms
warm safe secure
then alone yet knowing
safe from all harm

with or without You
Your love sees me through
i have faith in my heart
love will carry U/us through

kneeling at Your side now
Sir i'm waiting for Your hand
beckoning me to come to You
to Your distant land

into Your outstretched arms
into Your comforting world
feeling Your love surround me
inhibitions come unfurled

then relaxing in Your warmth
& the magic of Your touch
Your hands captivating
telling me sooo much

everything i've longed to hear
all You've longed to say
nothing matters now
i'm in Your arms today

& together W/we get lost
~tongues dancing on O/our skin
bodies moving in harmony
to O/our hearts within

soul connection or fantasy ... does it really matter? it does not, the beauty is in the dream

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