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As I walked up your silk skin.
With fingers made of joy.
I could feel your dreamscape.
As it bloomed within my mind.
Became the eyes, that could see you.
The tongue that could taste you.
The nose to inhale your scent.
An ambrosia of pheromones,
Resonating with mine.
And I knew, this was the sublime.
An impossible dream come true.
Though I always knew.
You where there.

Immersing myself in your aura.
I am not mystified, nor mislead.
My heartsoul knows you.
Feels you, as though your blood,
Where coursing through my veins.
And I am sane, for the first time.
Clear of mind and intent.
I am rapt.
So lost in you, nothing distracts.
Nor can attract.
My attention.
So infused am I, with you.

Is this an obsession of a scarred heart?
A blemished soul?
And I relish it.
Live for this obsession.
Drown in it.
Savour it's intense flavours.
It's vibrant colours.
That imbues a sense of calm within my perforated heart.
Filling it's empty spaces.
Leaving me feel whole,
Aching for your touch.

I will permeate your flesh with mine.
So deep........you become me.
Feel me.
As though I where stroking you from within.
As though I where your beating heart.
Pumping new hope, where it had died.
Taking you to such heights.
You become heady, breathless, shameless,
In your delight.
Knowing, I am shameless with you.
Within you.
Knowing where are limitless,
In what will aspire to.

Cliches, are abundent here.
So lost am I,
For someway to express my love.
Someway, to touch your heart with only words.
It's maddening!
Torments me to no end.
But, its all I have.
Except, for that voice in your ear,
In the blind hours,
The miles,
That separate us.
When the timbre of it's sound.
It's color.
It's painted landscape.
Blooms in your mind.
And brings you close to me.
Where time and distance have no meaning.
And we do indeed,
Become one.
Our love leaving us breathless,
Begging for more.
What could be.
Wondering if we can survive it!

For my precious lil one.
I love you.
Master, Daddy, Husband, friend and lover.
Your DaddyBo.....all rights reserved 2/15/03

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