the warm water runs through my hair
and i hear you climb into the shower behind me
you close the curtain
reach in front of me, grabbing the soap
you start with my arms,
gently washing one
then the other...
then my back, my legs, my ankles
back up the front
my thighs, my stomach, my breasts
you use your hands to catch the water
as it falls between us
then use it to rinse my body off
you then massage my shoulders
your touch firm, yet still sensual
you then massage my thighs
your fingers coming up between them
gently brushing against my pussy
your touches send shivers through me
you realize your massage is coming too high
instead of moving down
you take a single finger
and trace my lips
then slide it inside of me
realizing how turned on i am
you withdraw it, massaging my clit for a moment
then move your hands both up to my breasts
gently pinching my nipples
before taking my wrists,
placing my hands against the shower wall
you use one hand to gently spread my thighs further apart
i lean forward more, putting more pressure on my arms
behind me, you place one hand on the wall next to you
and with the other, guide yourself into me
you slowly enter my body
i moan softly with pleasure
you push yourself all the way in
my muscles contract around you
you withdraw just as slowly, until only the tip remains
before pushing back in
you make love to me, softly
letting me feel you inside me
feeling you desert my body
reentering, all at a pace far slower than usual
my body starts to crave more
i want to feel you push harder
i want to feel you push faster
at some point you take your other hand
start massaging my left breast
you gently pinch my nipple
before running your fingers down my stomach
and further
you start moving faster as you massage my clit
you start pushing into me harder
and i wonder if i can hold myself up much longer
you start slamming into me
as you apply more pressure to my clit
you hear me go from moans to screams
you feel my pussy contracting around you
you know i can't take much more
you push hard into me for the last time
i feel you cum inside me
you don't withdraw
i feel myself still squeezing involuntarily
i hear the moans escaping you
finally, you pull yourself out of me
gently, you wash me off, then turn off the water
i step out of the shower
you grab the towel before i think of it
you softly dry off every inch of me
before drying yourself
you take my hand, and lead me to the bed
lay me down, yourself next to me
wrap your arms around me
and let me drift to sleep.

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