DSL Blues


DSL Blues

Hey pretty Greenlight
I saw you winking at me
Please, pretty Greenlight
Please show some mercy for me

Last night you left me
Just like you did the night before
Did you forget me
That's not what DSL is for

You went and made me call Verizon
How could you be so cold
How can I check my email
When I'm sittin' here on hold

Hey Pretty Greenlight
Why can't you be like your three friends
They like stay up all night
With them the party never ends

(2nd bridge)
You know I signed up for that porn site
You know the kind where you have to pay
If I don't cancel it by midnight
They're gonna charge me by the day

Hey pretty Greenlight
Stay with me if you’re able
Pretty pretty Greenlight
Or I’m gonna have to switch to cable

Stop winking at me...pretty green light...pretty pretty green light...

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