tagErotic PoetryEarly Morning Thigh Kisses

Early Morning Thigh Kisses

byhis wild woman©

Sleepy, stretching,
You kiss me softly
On my lips
And once on
Each nipple.

You slide yourself down
To the foot of our bed.
My breath quickens.
I grow wet
in Anticipation of
Your wake-up call.

You kneel reverently
between my
Parting legs
And kiss
And lick
My inner thighs.

I drape one of my
Legs on each of
Your shoulders.
You part my moist outer
Lips with your thumbs.

Your hot tongue
parts my inner lips and
travels upward to
My clitoris
Lingering there with

You drink me in
Like a man
in the desert
Would quench
His thirst.

I moan in
Joyful appreciation
of the
Exquisite sensations
You give.

I weave my fingers
Through your hair
And pull you in
Harder against my
Sweet spot.

My pleasure core
Explodes in an
Intense orgasm,
Sending wave
After delightful
Crashing through my body.

My hips buck convulsively,
And I cry out, clutching at
Your head, your shoulders,
Your back.

When I am still,
Breasts heaving with
my ragged gasps,
You place a soft
On the inside of each
Moist thigh.

With nose, lips, and chin
Wet from me, you grin as
You say, “Remember that,
as you go through your
Day today.”

Ooohh, yeah. I sure will.

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