tagErotic PoetryEchoes of Destiny

Echoes of Destiny


Lingering voices from long ago have never left my side.
Constant companions of pain and loneliness,
they stroke me like ghosts in the firelight.
Fear was always present, as it clung about the house;
regardless of goodness,
surely mercy would not follow...
The illusions of boundaries and rules
were only in His mind,
leaving the rest of us anticipating whims and rage so sudden.
How could time and repetition been so knowing
in preparing me for my fate;
teaching me the dance of submission
without knowing the words...
the steps...
the acceptance of obedience without question...
Now, alone yet surrounded by faces of other praying dancers
and poised on the threshold of discovery;
I taste the familiar scent of leather in my mind...
as anticipation of His touch floods memories so vivid.
Taking a deep slow breath,
and listening intently to the echoes of destiny...
I find my soul embraced in soft darkness
pulled in the sweet undertow of fate.

Voices in the Dark

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