tagErotic PoetryEmbracing Midnight

Embracing Midnight


~Embracing Midnight~
By: LunaEroticaMystica ©

The soft whisper on the wind

eases her out of peaceful slumber

beckoning her out of bed

a languid spell she's cast under.

Clad only in a white shift

she tiptoes down darkened halls

guided only by the luminescent moon

and candles flickering against the wall.

Enchanting music adrift on a breeze

flows steadily into her ears

helpless to resist the pull as it soothes

and ceases her deepest fears.

Following the music outside

eyes dazed, mind in a trance

she lets go of inhibitions

with grace begins to dance.

Shadowed and mysterious

he waits in still silence

following her every move

waiting to offer expert guidance.

Her movements liquid against

the black velvet of night

graceful in poise and flow,

embraced by a halo of moonlight.

He glides out of shadows

and hovers nearer her form

a shiver runs down her spine

her body loses it's warmth.

An eerie calm settles around her

she gasps as fingers entwine

caressing silky lengths of honey

plaiting together flowers and vine.

The scent of wildflowers

permeates the night air

she closes her eyes

to his nearness, unaware.

A gentle hand cups

her blushing cheek

she opens her eyes gazing

the sight making her fall weak.

Wings of iridescence

starlight and gossamer

tickle and caress with gentle

touch, cradling her.

Her soul exposed, vulnerable

to his intent ice-blue gaze

midnight hair wildly blowing

whipping against her soft face.

Rose petals strewn

pillowing the forest floor

he eases her down gently

searching fingers explore.

In this dark enigma's arms

at the sound of his deep voice

she loses all resolve

losing her own free choice.

A soft sigh escapes her

as he weaves his web of desire

forbidden magic and fantasies

kindle her secret fire.

Satiny crimson mouth grazes

across trembling lips

her soft whimper muffled as

his tongue takes tiny sips.

Hands dance and play

on softest ivory skin

under moon-glow and starlight

gild, she glistens.

Evening's creatures

create and merge in symphony

with wind and water's whisper

singing a haunting melody.

Arms encircle his neck

her silky soft length

glides, joining his bronzed

and hard dark strength.

Angels can be heard

singing songs on high

wood-faeries sprinkle heartdust

as they discreetly flutter by.

Ecstasy is reached and

paradise lies within

outside love's dreaming embrace

the lonely world still spins.

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