I live in a fantasy world
in a land of magic born
I search for my true love
from the back of a unicorn.
I ride across rivers,
mountains and streams
endless plains and deserts
endless so they seem.
Endless as my love
for the vision that I seek
I'll search until I can no more
until I'm old and weak.
I'll battle demons and serpents
all that cross my path
until I find the castle
this darkened kingdom hath.
This kingdom has a chasm
that guards it's very walls
filled with trolls and vermin
to dispatch everyone who calls.
But my centaur friends will guard me
and my dragon friends transport
my burden to my destiny
and place it in his court.
For my burden is the catalyst
that will unite his darkened lands
and deliver to him his freedom
with a legion in his hands.
With this gift I give him
the darkness he will drive away
and once again his kingdom
will bathe in the light of day.
In the glorious dawn
my love will come to see
the gift that awaits him yet
the heart inside of me.
The love that spanned my lifetime
and brought me to this place
will find it's greatest enchantment
when it is reflected in his face.

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