tagErotic PoetryEncounter


bygalen ubal©

Slide my hand along your form
Touching and caressing
Lips to lips feeling so warm
Heating and arresting

Run my tongue along your throat
All your senses reeling
Feel the wave all through you float
Shaking and revealing

Down I move, explore your breast
Suckling and entrancing
Flick the nipple from its rest
Nipping and romancing

Hands on head, holding me close
Groaning now, unheeding
All the shame now from you flows
Wanton now, acceding

Rising now to meet your need
Coupling soft yet feral
Filling you, my pressure feed
Control is now in peril

Deep in you, I feel the change
Tightening around me
Climaxing, and in exchange
My climax also springs free

Sated now, we rest awhile
Holding and beholding
Until the time we each beguile
Returning, naught withholding

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