Bound and gagged, tied to the corners of the bed;
Quietly she waits with a blindfold 'round her head.
Lost in anticipation of pleasures hot haze;
Her lush body opened for his gaze.
Trembling at the touch of his fingertips;
She tastes the fruit he places upon her lips.
Opening her mouth, he pops the tidbit in;
Watching sweet juices run down her chin.
Touching his tongue to her cheek;
He licks the juices...oh so sweet.
Soft and slow he strokes her soft skin;
Touching his tongue where her belly button dips in.
Whimpering and trembling, against her bonds she strains;
Her need for his touch bordering on pain.
More and more of his touch she craves;
Her body not her own, she's become his slave.
Still he tortures, still he teases;
Her body his to do as he pleases.
Lower he touches, she's begging for more;
She's hot and wet, his own personal whore.
Feeling the trembling in her soft thighs;
He's struck by a need to see her eyes;
Removing the blindfold from her face;
A pattern on her body his tongue will trace.
Lower and lower his warm mouth goes;
With every lick her anticipation grows.
Rising above her, he spreads her thighs;
Seeing the hunger darken her eyes.
Slower and slower he'll sink deep within;
He'll ride her body til their pleasure reaches its end.

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