tagErotic PoetryEpisode Of Loving My Mom!

Episode Of Loving My Mom!

byUncle Pervey©

Mom came home awhile ago,
And was feeling no pain.
She was feeling a little low,
Liquor lately had been her bane.

I helped Mom to the bathroom,
She wanted a hot bath.
She didn't want to admit it,
She needed help to find the path.

Mom needed help undressing,
I began with her blouse.
I unbuttoned and took it off,
While Mom stood quiet as a mouse.

I was wearing my jockeys,
It was late in the night.
When I removed Mom's bra I got,
A big bulge that was quite a sight.

My Mom's breasts are beautiful,
I'd love to suck them good.
But for now I unzipped her skirt,
And took it off just like I should.

That left Mom in her panties,
Lovely and nearly nude.
I was breathing hard and gasping,
Mom looked so succulent and lude.

I began filling the tub,
And Mom sat on the seat.
I watched as I added bath oils,
To make Mom's bath water smell sweet.

When the water was just right,
I turned to Mom to say,
"Stand up Mom and let me finish,
Undressing you all of the way."

Mom blushed a little but stood,
Right there in front of me.
My cock was jumping and twitching,
I was close to her on my knees.

I reached with shaking fingers,
And grabbed her panty's waist.
I pulled them down and off of her,
But I didn't do it with haste.

I was facing Mom's pussy,
Close enough for a kiss.
Then Mom raised the lid and sat down,
She said "I've gotta take a piss."

My mouth watered as Mom peed,
My cock was throbbing so.
I wanted Mom's bath to be fast,
I wanted her in bed you know.

When Mom got done I helped her,
Climb in and settle down.
She still felt a little woozy,
I decided to hang around.

I was still down on my knees,
Mom sat inside the tub.
I put some soap on Mom's washrag,
I leaned in and began to scrub.

I washed my Mom all over,
From her head to her feet.
I was careful with her pussy,
I wanted it to taste real sweet.

I got Mom onto all fours,
Her gorgeous ass sublime.
I bathed it slow and carefully,
I did it good and took my time.

Then I rinsed Mom off real good,
And helped her from the tub.
I grabbed a fluffy soft white towel,
And dried her with pats and a rub.

I helped Mom to her bedroom,
Naked as she could be.
I laid her down on the bedspread,
She was a gorgeous sight to me.

I told her "Mom what you need,
Is a real good rubdown.
If you want it I'll do it good,
I'll work you all over around."

Mom sighed "Johnny that sounds good,
Just what I think I need.
Rub me all over and gentle,
Do this for me for your good deed."

I straddled Mom and began,
Rubbing up from her feet.
I rubbed and squeezed her silky legs,
And made it on up to her meat.

Then I skipped by her pussy,
And worked up to her breasts.
I kneaded and rubbed her stomach,
Then I paused a moment to rest.

I told Mom to turn over,
And she turned with a moan.
I slid down and started over,
Her naked beauty made me groan.

I rubbed the backs of Mom's legs,
All the way to her ass.
Her silky warm ass tempted me,
I spread her cheeks and licked her brass.

Mom jumped and then said "Johnny,
Just why did you do that?"
I gasped "Mom I couldn't help it,
I wanted a taste where you sat."

"Johnny" Mom sighed "You shouldn't,
That's so wrong and you know."
I gasped out "Mom I can't help it,
My wanting to taste you just grows."

Mom sighed and gasped "Well maybe,
If you'll be satisfied.
I guess there's no real harm in it,"
"That's all I want Mom" I lied.

I slipped my jockey shorts off,
Without Mom seeing me.
My swollen hot cockwas jumping,
It felt wonderful to be free.

I straddled Mom's legs again,
And pulled her cheeks apart.
I lowered my face in her crack,
And licked her sweet hole for a start.

Mom sighed and began moaning,
I could tell she liked it.
I plunged my tongue deep inside her,
Mom was gasping and breathed "Oh shit!"

I kept my tongue deep inside,
I moved it in and out.
I feasted on Mom's hot sweet hole,
And slurped with my tongue all about.

Mom started jerking and gasped,
"You're making me cum now."
I worked my tongue even faster,
In her hole my tongue plunged and plowed.

Mom gasped and moaned "Oh Johnny,
What can I do for you?
You gave me such a good climax,
Tell me Johnny what can I do?"

I whispered "Mom I want to,Lick on your pussy too.
I want to lick all your sweet cum up,
And swallow it all when I'm through."

"But before you turn over,
One thing I want to do.
I want to fuck your tight asshole,
I want my cock to fill it too."

"Well Johnny" Mom said to me,
"Be gentle with my hole.
I've never had a cock in there,
Just be real gentle with that pole."

I slid on Mom's naked back,
My cock slid in between,
And felt the smooth warmth of her cheeks,
And entered a moist heat unseen.

I felt Mom's tight asshole,
With the head of my cock.
I eased it inside very slow,
Then began humping with a rock.

It didn't take me too long,
Mom's asshole over flowed.
My cock started spurting hot cum,
And I filled Mom with my hot load.

"Now Mom" I gasped "Turn over,
And while I rest I'll eat.
I want to lick on your pussy,
And slurp all the cream from your meat."

I helped Mom roll on over,
And then spread her legs wide.
I crawled on up and between them,
And then I settled down inside.

I moved into Mom's pussy,
And licked out her sweet cream.
I slurped and ate all her juices,
And fulfilled my fantasy dream.

"Oh Johnny" Mom gasped and sighed,
"Eat me and make me cum!"
Mom started moaning and humping,
My tongue fucked her pussy's hole numb.

"Johnny I'm cumming" Mom cried,
"Make me cum like before!"
I licked and slurped out her pussy,
And swallowed all that I adored.

By this time my cock was hard,
And jerking with desire.
I slid on Mom's warm moist belly,
And filled her sweet pussy with fire.

"Johnny" Mom gasped "Now fuck me,
Shove that hot cock inside,
Fill me with your burning jism,
And make my pussy burn inside."

I started spurting hot cum,
Filling Mom with my spray.
I filled her pussy completely,
Now I fuck my Mom every day!!

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