tagErotic PoetryErotic Muses: Urania

Erotic Muses: Urania



Lady, your body is the universe,
For your are everything to me.
Your every beauty mark is a star on your skin,
A creamy, Milky Way I would immerse
Myself in. Sensuality
Is what you are: your charms I can't stop drinking in.
Your astronaut, I'd travel from one end
Of you down to the other, touch
And see each secret moon and every curved, round orb.
With your behind before my face, you bend
Over, your legs wide open: such
Delicious sights and smells my eyes and nose absorb!
Your anus and vagina are black holes,
Drawing in my lips and happy tongue.
You grin to see my so rapt face, and stroke my chin.
Uranus as a female, what consoles
You better--from having been stung
By usurpation--than my kissing of your skin?
Your former lover had you as his queen,
Making him your unworthy king;
But then, another woman took away your crown.
Instead of seeing how you should be seen,
He favoured that petty plaything
Over your sweet voluptuousness, casting you down.
Never will I treat you with such contempt.
I'll prove myself worthy of your
Massaging tongue, your tickling pubes, and gentle breasts.
I'll let no other woman try to tempt
Me to leave you like some mere whore.
I'll show my faithfulness, though hard may be the tests.


Venus, you'd leave me for another man?
Without you, I'd be like your father:
Dethroned, and in a way, castrated, for my phallus
Has such a fire that only you can fan.
My lovely goddess, won't it bother
You, spurning me, your worshipper? It seems like malice.
Do I not satisfy you as I should,
Making you hotter than the sun?
Doesn't my tickling tongue on your sweet vulva please?
My lips on your tart nipples don't feel good?
Remember, was I not the one
Who, when you were lovelorn, adored you, on my knees?
Do not be as your old king was to you,
Ungrateful of what's rare in love.
Do not be like the moon's waxing and waning light,
Growing in brightness, seeming to be true
When you've been cast out from above,
Then, when desired again, your glow fades into night.
I'm firm as earth in my fidelity,
But without you, I'm lost in space.
Don't make your last time on my lap be the last time;
Your rubbing buttocks there give thrills to me,
Thrills no other girl's can replace.
You, Lady, as a lover, truly are sublime.
Your salivating tongue slides in my ear,
Delighting it as no tune can;
But hearing your voice say, 'It's over,' that's discord.
No, tell me rather, I've nothing to fear.
Tell me that I'm your only man.
With me, O sparkling star, you'll always be adored.


How happy I am that you stayed with me,
And didn't run off with that man.
You've not forgotten how you felt when you were spurned.
Now I can lie in bed with you, and we,
Just like the gods Geb and Nut, can
Always make love, with you on top. O, I have burned
To have you, with no separating Shu
To shoo me from you--you're all mine.
Now I can look up at you, moving up and down
On me as I slide in and out of you.
My female firmament, you shine,
For you are every twinkling star. Yours is the crown.
Yes, you're the Queen of Heaven, you're all space
And time, the cosmos, everything.
You are my sky-clad idol; I'm your devotee,
And coming in your secret, sacred place,
I make you moan, and sigh, and sing.
As the astronomer of your anatomy,
I scan the vast expanses of your flesh,
And taste each delectable inch.
The softness of your breasts pressed on my grinning face
Makes spoiled all things that elsewhere are most fresh.
My lips, wrapped around your buttocks, pinch
Them, causing you to squeal. Then, in a tight embrace,
We kiss, sliding our tongues along each other.
You suck and pull on my lower lip,
Then lick my cheeks, delighting me. Holy, if bawdy,
Such great love-making makes you the Great Mother
Of all. As if in a star-ship,
I'd travel everywhere in you, Celestial Body.

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