tagErotic PoetryExciting Woman!

Exciting Woman!

byUncle Pervey©

She took her time removing her clothes,
Then took her bra off and squeezed her breasts.
She bent and peeled off her panti-hose,
And through her pantys I saw her nest!

Her pubic hair looked tight and curly,
And it made my mouth water with lust!
I knew this girl could drive me "Squirrely,"
As I feasted my eyes on her bust!

She had the most "Glorious" nipples,
Their color was a dark Rosie pink.
I watched her stomach-muscles ripple,
And I saw her belly-button wink!

She inserted her thumbs in the waist,
Of her pantys and slid them on down.
She did it slowly and without haste,
And it caused my cock to raise it's crown!

She laughed when she saw my cock jerking,
Then she pivoted slowly around.
My heartbeat was thumping and working,
And I wanted her right on the ground!

She wanted me to see what she had,
So she bent over and spread her cheeks.
When she did this I almost went mad,
And it made my breath come out in squeaks!

I told her to stand just like she was,
Then I dropped down and started licking.
I invaded her soft pussy's fuz,
And my tongue started in its flicking!

She started moaning when my tongue moved,
And I tasted her wet pussy's juice.
My tongue was lapping inside her groove,
And I set her hot sweet wetness loose!

Her hot pussy tasted like Honey,
And I slurped out all of her sweet cream.
I swallowed all of her sweet wetness,
As she climaxed with a gentle scream!

I had my arms tight around her waist,
And I pressed my face inside her crack.
My tongue licked til I got me ataste,
And I found it and began to snack!

I moved my tongue all over her hole,
And probed with my tongue til it slid in.
I was tonguing and licking my goal,
And her pussy was holding my chin!

The girl was groaning and pressing back,
And was gasping with her "New" pleasure!
She "Loved" my face buried in her crack,
And my tongue to her, was a "Treasure!"

I tongue-fucked her asshole and I sucked,
Til her "spincter ring" swelled and turned red.
I knew "soon" her asshole would get fucked,
And I'd "Invade" her with my cock's head!

I got her on the bed on all fours,
And I mounted her "Doggie Fashion!"
I pushed my cock inside and I "Bored,"
And began "Fucking" her with "Passion!"

Her tight asshole was like burning "Fire,"
And with each "stroke" it sucked on my cock.
It made me shoot out all my "desire,"
And I rocked, and I rocked, and I rocked!

She groaned as her asshole's muscles squeezed,
And I moaned while her ass milked me dry.
She'd made me "Climax" and I was pleased,
And I "Knew" we'd have another try!

She was a girl who used her beauty.
And she's like a "Heavenly" omen.
And me of course, I did my duty!
To this precious "Exciting Woman!"

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