tagErotic PoetryEyes Of A Stranger (From Her)

Eyes Of A Stranger (From Her)


I stood at the bus stop
On a beautiful sunny afternoon,
Lost in my own thoughts..
When I felt the distinct feeling
Of a stranger's eyes upon me.
Caressing my small form lingeringly
The sun kissed my dark auburn hair,
Causing highlights of fiery red to crackle and sizzle
To surround me completely.
Little tendrils caressed my smooth cheek,
Like a lover's caress.
I moan softly as his hungry eyes swept over me once more..
While women around him tried desperately to possess his attention
But to no avail, his chocolate brown eyes devoured my 5' frame..
Driving me to distraction...driving me insane..
I leaned back against the bus stall.
My bags having slid from my fingers, my eyes closed behind my sunglasses..
I turned my head slightly and our gazes locked simutaneously,
I bite my lip to still a whimper..
As I felt ethereal fingers running up my body
Encircling my smooth waist...
Slowly snaking down my body to capture my round bottom.
My sensual lips parted in a surprised gasp as the ethereal hands
Ran up my curvaceous body to cup my full breasts, squeezing gently.
Suddenly, I felt his other hand cupping me behind my knee, raising my leg
As it caressed its way up my inner thigh, to capture my tiny little mound..
Heating it gently...filling me inside..then capturing my little jewel.
There I stood, captured in an ethereal possession of rapture
I cried out softly as stars exploded behind my eyes
With the magically erotic torture...
Suddenly his powerful lips were upon mine, tasting me possessively
Devouring me...then one last taste..he bit down upon my lips gently
Capturing a drop of my blood, licking it upon his tongue.
As my body was released, I realized that it wasnt my body he wanted..
He wanted to briefly taste my soul and feminity in rapture
Our eyes met for a moment, the eyes I remembered from past times.
Suddenly, he turned completely ethereal....
The only thing that remained..were the eyes of a stranger....

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