tagErotic PoetryEyes Of A Stranger (From Him)

Eyes Of A Stranger (From Him)


I felt her essence and vibrant spirit
From far away, into a different era..
She stood alone; small, soft and feminine.
The sun kissing her rich dark auburn hair,
Making it come alive with its fiery highlights.
My hunger has been building for her throughout the centuries.
But now..I have captured her at last, at least for now..
Until fate parts us once more.
In a day in age where women often dressed like men,
Or like rough females...
This little woman stands out alone against them...
Her smooth skin just golden enough to be kissed by sun rays...
Her lips are not wide, yet the bottom full and the top smaller but tasty..
Aye...I remember those lips of exquisite decadence...
Her dark vibrant eyes , always promised heightened passion yet tenderness..
I hesitate for just a moment, before my eyes capture hers..
Ignoring all other females around me...
I approach her as a hunter approaches its prey...
As an alpha male approaches his true mate, his equal...his Alpha female..
I will her mind to come to me..
To remember me...
With big strong hands..my hands touch her body
Spanning over her supple waist..
I ignore the bags that slip out of her hand..
A wolfish grin spreads across my face, as her body tells me..
That she remembers me...
I close my eyes hungry eyes, as my possessive hands roam over her back..
To capture her round little bottom..causing her to moan helplessly..
I need to touch all of her, to stamp her with my essence..
One of my hands slide up her curvaceous little body, capturing a full breast
Squeezing it erotically...making her whimper out softly..
As my other hand runs up behind her knee, to part her soft with thighs..
I capture my prize, as a finger parts her soft, little pink womanhood..
To touch the decadent, hidden pearl of her womanhood..
Not even that is enough...as my fingers slide up her arms to grip her shoulders,
As my lips lean into hers to capture her lips, hungrily...completely...
Hearing the sound in my mind, I know my time is near to leave once more..
I am hungry for her...like a starving wolf...
Before leaving this delicious woman, I take her lips one last time,
Biting her lip gently, capturing a drop of her blood..suckling softly upon her
To heal the wound..
I whisper in her ear.."I shall find you again soon.."

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