tagErotic PoetryFall on the bed

Fall on the bed

byMy Erotic Tail©

As you fall on the bed, I hold your head.
Your eyes flare, as I pull your hair.
I lick your neck, and give it a peck..
Sweet little bite, near your blouse so tight.
Push it to the side, as your mouth opens wide.
Put your lips to mine, for a long long time.
Feel for the breast, there my hand rests.
Cupping it whole, the bra unfolds.
So I move it, exposing the tit.
Feel for the nipple, oh so simple.
Give it a pinch and pull on it, your light moans I get.
As I lick down your chest, my hand soon rest.
On your little bush, your body gives a push.
Tongue passes the belly button, remove's panties made of cotton..
Your body gentle sway, toss them away.
You take off your top, knowing now not to stop.
Your legs spread, down goes my head.
To taste the sweetness, of your wetness.
Legs spread wide, stick my tongue inside.
Pull it out, my cock swells stout.
Just your smell, has made me swell.
My tongue flicks your clit, trails to your slit.
Lap your juices that flow wet, your ass and my hand have now met.
Lick you from hole to hole, your hand finds my cock and seems so cold.
My finger slides in your ass hole, as you stroke my hot pole.
Deeper in your anal walls, you squeeze my swollen balls.
I find your pussy with my other hand, in your slit a finger is jammed.
Your pushing and moaning, mixed with my groaning.
While my finger wiggle's, I hear a slight giggle.
In and out it goes, and harder and harder my cock grows.
Both hands pull your ass apart, look at your pussy shaped like a heart.
My tongue licks it all, as now your fixed on just one ball.
In your pussy my tongue slides, along my shaft your fingers glide.
Your cunt starts to explode, and once again I hear your moans.
Licking deep, your pussy walls seep.
As the wettness flows, in your mouth my cock goes.
I feel you shiver, an exstacy quiver.
Lick your pussy, till no more wettness I see.
Closeing legs now your thru, I raise up to you.
On my knees you take it all, in your hand you hold my balls.
Your warm mouth slides up and down, making slurping sounds.
As it swells to the max, your jaw then starts to relax.
Holding the shaft you start the thrust, you know now that I must.
At the heads little slit, your mouth waits for what it wants to get.
And the pumping that I do, lets you know Im almost thru.
Out cums a splash, your mouth opens as it blast.
As I explode, in your mouth goes my hot load.
On your chin, some trickles thin.
You lick the tip of my cocks head, as I fall on the bed.

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