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Fear Based Censorship


Burn the books...poke
Out the eyes of the
Persons who dare to
Explore the art world
In its various forms:
C E N S O R S H I P!
There is little doubt
In my mind that most
Censorship is fear based;
It is the root cause of
Iconoclasm, censorship
And the fight to dull,
Restrain, resist, and
Kill the imagination.
People, the censors, are
Afraid of the shame they
Feel when their bodies
Are aroused by erotic thoughts,
Visuals, feelings and materials.
They try to protect others from this Experience, pleasure and joy.
Why should anyone be ashamed
Of "mere images" in the mind,
Feelings that are our birthright?
We must place the blame on
Dionysos and Athene, myths.
We must not be monks who retreat
To asceticism to live in a
Desert of denial trying to
Escape the fantasies (perneia)
Brought by the Peeping Aphrodite;
Brought to us in misinformation.
Not even Viagra (sildenafil)
Can produce arousal without the
Imagination working. Imagination
Precedes performance; and erotica
Stimulates imagnation: "Your
Fly is open, Mister" (James Joyce).
Let's not let fear of sexual arousal
Cause us to burn the books
And poke out the eyes of dreamers.
Censor yourself, but leave me alone.

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