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I lay there sobbing
Hearing the change in your breathing
That always caused a snag in mine
Knowing that I was worthless to you tonight

Cum for me

I begged desperately through tears

Just let me hear you

I can hear your heartbeat accelerate
As you climax with a growl
I gasp your harsh breaths
Before basking in the glory of your afterglow

Use me

I whispered breathlessly

Just try, please

I know that my pleas are unreasonable
That the yearning for you
Will only lead to frustration
But I long for the memory

Moisture gathers at t
he apex of my thighs
As you debase me
The desperation for you
Grows into that memorable ache I thought I'd never feel again

Let me cum

My voice is strained
Please, tell me to let it go

Your laughter reverberates through me
Sending a quiver down my spine
As I grit my teeth
Against the agony of holding back so long

Cum for me whore

The words I've longed to hear for so long
Rocking me to the hardest climax
That leaves me a shuddering pool of nothing
Until me breathing regulates itself


I'd pay to feel that again
Just once
To know the pleasure found only at your hands
Just to be your whore
Once more

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