tagErotic PoetryFirst Kiss

First Kiss


A soft peck on the lips was our first kiss.
I wanted more after that-- to feel your warm lips
pressed against mine caressing the sweetness of your smile.
I wanted to taste you on my tongue
a warm preview of things yet unspoken.
I wanted your arms around me holding me tight
pressed against your body feeling your warmth.
I wanted you nuzzled against my neck
kissing softly, breathing lightly.
I wanted to hear you sigh as I kissed your cheek softly again and again.
I wanted you to take me passionately into your arms, press your lips to mine and kiss me feverishly as if there was no tomorrow.
I wanted you to hold me, press my head against your chest and listen to your heartbeat... now quickening.
I wanted you to look at me, take my face in your hands,pull me closer and tell me how much you care.
I wanted you to pull me closer yet, let our lips lightly touch, feeling each of us tremble with desire.
I wanted your kiss, your passion, your desire.

I wanted you...

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