tagErotic PoetryFirst Surrender

First Surrender


i have been tied.
Knotted within norms. Expectations.
Left stumbling. Into arms. Into beds. Into sorrows.
Into darkened closets. Endless tomorrows.
A thousand keys for every door.
A trail of breadcrumbs 'cross the floor

i have been hung.
Suspended. Drug to my toes. To pretend to fly.
Into the hopes of a destination.
A fool's journey. into a void. Into soulless windows.
Sunless skies. Into a reflection of water. A sacrifice.

i have been robbed.
Tricked into trading my voice for another.
Midst the prattling and the posey.
it slipped down to the sea.
where i saw the mermaids catch it,
but they did not call to me.

Who is worthy?
Without the giving, there is no giver.

i touch my heart, my lips, my brow.
Cupped hands extended. Full, now
Of nothing One can see.
Full of the breath, the thoughts, the dreams,
the promise of what i'll be.

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