tagErotic PoetryFisted glory

Fisted glory


"Put your fingers in first,"
she said with a smile.
So i did, letting them;
linger awhile.
She twisted her trim derriere on the sheets
and my knuckles slid sideways, snug in her crease.

"Push," she instructed,
greeneyes glowing brightly.
So i lowered my wrist, while pressing in;
She opened her kissable thighs a bit wider
and my hand dissappeared, dipping inside her.

"Now make a fist,"
she eagerly moaned.
Five fingers, formed a tight ball;
and she groaned.
Her slim tummy jerked out a quivering motion
greasing my palm, with her slippery love lotion.

"Lick it," she whined,
circling her hips.
So i sucked her clitoris;
and labial lips.
Deep in her throat came a satisfied squeal
as I twirled my fist, deep in her deal.

Grinding her teeth,
she whimpered out, "cum..."
while i rubbed at her 'g' spot;
with the back of my thumb.
Like a fish out of water she flopped in a spasm, and gushed out her thanks, with a squirting orgasm.

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