"Oh, what beautiful eyes you have,"
He said with schoolboy flair.
"Darling, the better to see you with,"
She twinkled with a dare.

With fluttering heart he pondered,
And paused where Paris paused.
He knew he was about to be taught,
But a lesson of fire or frost ?

Star-crossed lovers perhaps,
But sharing a common bond.
Each wanting to fall in love
With the wave of a magic wand.

"Oh, what lovely hands you have,"
He took a little chance.
"How else could I touch you ?"
She quivered with romance.

His heart grew strong and bold,
He thought it something physical.
But his reaction to her voice
Was closer to being mystical.

"Oh, what a lovely mouth you have,"
He hoped for a fiery reply.
"Darling, the better to speak to you."
She said with an ambiguous sigh.

With bated breath he advanced,
And stood where Paris stood.
They joined life forces forever,
Sharing their strengths as they could.

No face can launch a thousand ships,
It wasn't just a face.
It was an awe-inspiring aura,
You might think of it as grace.

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