tagErotic PoetryFlowing Rivers

Flowing Rivers

bySmiling Eyes©

you trace the valley of my highlands
the touch of your thumb
brushes across the peaks of my mountains
teeth nibble, lips encircle
moans escape my lips
back arching
thighs lifting
as limbs unfold
your fingers explore
touching me,
feeling me,
probing me,

your teasing tongue
finds my button
upon my flesh
as shivers run down my spine

my hands resting on your head
pulling you closer
your tongue penetrates,
slowly working in and out
over and over again
then deeper,
my fingers grasp the sheets
tributaries run wild
colliding with the river
rapidly in your direction
you drink and quench your thirst
giving me time to catch my breath

with a seductive smile on my lips
I whisper, "Roll over baby, it's your turn!"

December 24, 2002

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