tagErotic PoetryFor April

For April


For April

A Lesbian Love Poem

We lay there,
silently on your bed,
my arms around your body
and your breasts beneath my head.
Our tender, naked, bodies
hugging in the night
as we cuddled up together
holding, squeezing, tight.

We kissed each other gently,
my love nest getting hot
my hands ran up your body
searching for your spot.
Our love flowed softly, gently,
as my hand began to play.
You stiffened underneath me
as night turned into day

For many hours we loved and played
until heaven we had found.
Touching, seeking, probing.
Our ecstasy unbound.
The love that flowed between us
our wildest dreams unfurled;
our emotions overflowing
in our secret, silent, world.

Our bodies locked together
in a passionate embrace
as I smiled at you sweetly
gazing on your face.
Smiling at your lovely eyes,
kissing tender lips,
my body pressed against you
as I moved against your hips.

This fantasy world was made for us
to dream in and to share.
To hold each other close and tight
without a single care.
Our emotions flowing gently
on a sea devoid of pain.
Reality left way behind
as we drift to sleep again.

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