tagNon-Erotic PoetryFor Leonardo, Shirtless in Ibiza

For Leonardo, Shirtless in Ibiza


There I was, waiting for the train, on a platform at 5th and 53rd
Dead-eyed and dog-tired
Zoning in and out of a dream
When I saw a headline in the Daily Mail
Screaming out your name
Leonardo, Shirtless in Ibiza!
The grainy picture showed you frolicking in the surf
Squinting at the hundreds of mechanical eyes
Trained on your every bliss
Your every kiss
Your pale, toneless torso
Captured like a fly under glass
All so that when the train comes,
And the doors click, "Open,"
And I step inside,
It's because
Somewhere I think you're laughing and happy
In some eternal present of being Leonardo—

I know it's a lie
I know you're on the same train,
And we'll never reach that destination

The doors slam shut
I close my eyes.
It's warm and wet,
And somewhere, a shutter

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by Carnal_Apple02/16/18



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