tagErotic PoetryFor My Delight!

For My Delight!

byUncle Pervey©

I slipped into her closet while she bathed,
I'd seen her nightgown laying on the chair.
She walked out of the steam like a goddess,
And she looked delectible, every where!

I watched her as she pulled her nightgown on,
She didn't put on her panties or bra.
Then she drank her warm milk and climbed in bed,
And I felt lust for everything I saw!

I hid inside the closet and watched her,
And felt my groin ignite with red hot fire.
When she drained her glass of warm milk I smiled,
I knew she'd soon be filling my desires!

I knew I had all night if I wanted,
And I had plans to use it all just right.
I undressed and laid my clothes on her chair,
And pulled her covers down "for my delights!"

She was on her back with her legs open,
And her succulent pussy was exposed.
Her nightgown had slid clean up to her waist,
And a fire of desire in me arose!

My hand caressed her belly, and her bush,
And I slid my hands down each inner thigh.
I reached her knees and spread her legs apart,
And stretched out in between them with a sigh!

I rubbed my face all over her pussy,
Inhaling her sweet musky woman's scent.
I pulled her pussy open for eating,
And licked and sucked and slurped til I was spent!

I sucked her clit until it stuck way out,
And sucked it til it swelled and turned dark red.
I tasted her pee inside her pee hole,
And sucked and licked it there til I was fed!

I moved to her pussy's hole with my tongue,
I licked and sucked it all around its top.
Then I slurped inside for all her juices,
It tasted so good I could hardly stop!

By this time my cock was more than ready,
And my anticipation was on fire.
I shoved my cock deep inside her pussy,
And began fucking fast with wild desire!

I moved my hands under each of her knees,
And lifted her legs up and pushed them back.
This raised her hips so I could push deeper,
Until my balls were laying in her crack!

I let her legs rest there on my shoulders,
And I felt my cock in her pussy deep.
When my cock started spurting out hot cum,
The joy and pleasure I felt made me weep!

I kept fucking her til my cock got soft,
Then I pulled out and turned her over slow.
My eyes fed on her firm round naked ass,
And the beauty of it made my lust grow!

I started right in licking her sweet ass,
And pulled her cheeks apart and ate her hole.
I tongue-fucked her til I was plumb worn out,
But I was satisfied I'd reached my goal!

Her sweet tender asshole was a cherry,
And I could tell no cock had been inside.
When I shoved my cock in I went slowly,
I filled her asshole and began to ride!

Her spincter's muscles squeezed me while I fucked,
And her coiling intestines milked my cock.
My climax began with lots of spurting,
While her tight asshole held me like a sock!

The muscles in her asshole drained my cum,
And I kept my cock buried out of sight.
Her hot ass made my cock even harder,
And I fucked her hot tight asshole all night!!

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