tagErotic PoetryFor the woman I breathe

For the woman I breathe


She simply appeared on the computer screen
with a word
an avatar.
But, I swear I could feel her face against my pussy.
One breath
Warm against my clit
before she stretched out her tongue
swept the wetness from my hole
sending a searing torch to my nipples.
Her mouth
spilling saliva across my lips
sipping me to life.

Then she appeared to me in flesh
and I knew more than Romeo or Juliet
I knew the secret key of Eden
as we breathed each other.
She spread her thighs
I stretched inside, slipped within the warm pool
of her pussy and spread my hand
breezing into her pond
she moaned and sighed
and thrust her hips
enslaving my wrist
as I swirled my fingers
and a fountain sprung
emulsion and surrender
to life
for one another
our breath.

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