tagErotic Poetryfor your viewing pleasure

for your viewing pleasure


the camera is ready
so you know what that means
it's time to record
one of our steamy fuck scenes
we love fucking on film
then sharing it on the 'net
justd writing about it
gets me all wet
i dress up
in sexy lingerie
you hit record
and we start to play
the camera catches
our hot fucking action
we hope our performance will be
to your satisfaction
you're humping me hard
and i'm thrusting right back
you're ready to let loose
that load in your sac
i love fucking on camera
it gets me hot
then publishing it on the web
why the hell not
i'm a star on film
with tons of sex appeal
maybe this will lead
to my own porn deal
our web show is sexy
it arouses masses
and we get off by
showing our bare asses

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