Pick me, she cried, her hand outstretched in hope
Just this once let someone give me the rope
One by one, they were all chosen,
while she stood alone and frozen
Why am I always last she despaired?
Looking at the crowd, she realized no one cared
Lowering her head in shame she walked away,
it wouldn’t be the last time that day
Mama, Mama, come talk to me
Mama brushed by, can’t Baby, I’m a busy bee.
Daddy, Daddy, can we go out to play?
Sorry Darlin’, Daddy has to work today
Shoulders hunched and tears in her eyes,
she tried to buy their lies
Surely someone will love me, she prayed,
Even as she felt her hopes fade
She waits for them to awaken
Knowing in her heart she has already been forsaken

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