tagErotic PoetryFrom Capture to Rapture

From Capture to Rapture


Against my will
I was brought here.
Kidnapped from my
my freedom,
my autonomy is no longer
my own,
but now it belongs to another.
To me he has become all things:
To his will I must adhere
for disobedience will result
in a smack to my rear.
He likes to hold me down,
the strength of his wrists
keep me good and bound.
One look into my eyes and
I know what he means,
there isn't any need for so
much as a sound.
His kiss leads me to a state
of bliss,
his touch leaves me wanting
all that he gives me is never
He can be simultaneously
gentle and rough,
sweet and gruff.
He is both yin and yang,
wild and tame.
He takes me to levels where
I feel as though I can fly,
the way he makes me feel I
could never, ever deny.
What started out as my
capture has now become my
pure, unadulterated rapture.

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