tagNon-Erotic PoetryFull Circle Of Love

Full Circle Of Love


Grandma you were always there for me
                                                   In times of happiness and sadness
                                                   Telling me what I had to know, not just what I wanted to hear
                                                   Putting me on the right track to healing

                                                   Sitting in  a chair amongst the shaded trees
                                                   The sun beaming down upon us
                                                   The love you give me and how you warm my heart
                                                    Is far brighter than any sun can ever be

                                                  Grandma I watch your eyes and hear your words of love
                                                  As you tell me the things you taught mamma when she was small
                                                  How to love, respect and be true to herself
                                                  To be a strong, to retain her soft heart, and to always stand tall.

                                                   I then look to you mamma, as grandma tells me these things
                                                  To see the love and pride in your eyes for her
                                                  The same light and strong spirit in each other
                                                  That you have lovingly passed down to me

                                                  Grandma and Mamma you have both taught me so many lessons
                                                  The gift of knowledge to teach my own children
                                                  A precious gift to be shared  with them from you both
                                                   Forever retaining a part of you in our hearts and wisdom

                                                   Looking over your grave grandma I smile upon you
                                                   This is not goodbye but a temporary absence in time
                                                   As your spirit soars in the heavens and in the stars
                                                   Our love coming full circle, never breaking only strengthening.

                                                  Mamma takes my hand, as we gaze down upon my children
                                                   I take their hands in turn, our love forever bonded and soaring free
                                                   I promise to teach my children love and understanding
                                                  To stand tall and proud of our teachings as you and mamma taught me

                                                   I will not say goodbye grandma, instead until we meet again
                                                  You are forever in my heart, my soul, my every day actions
                                                   For you taught me how to be a Lady, as you taught mamma
                                                  Your love for us will be continuous through all of us for eternity

                                                  As I turn to you mamma
                                                  My dark eyes look into your beautiful green ones
                                                   I dont need words to show you just how wonderful you are
                                                  The love grandma gave to you, and you  in turn to me is shown

                                                  Mamma I love you
                                                  As you have always loved me
                                                   I promise to give the gift you and grandma have given me
                                                  To my children with love

                                                  From grandma, to you
                                                  Then to me
                                                   From the heavens above
                                                   Continuing the Full Circle of Love.

This was written in honor of my mother and my departed grandmother. Two of the people that taught me to be a lady, to love, to be strong, seek my own destiny, to trust my heart. They have had the most impact in my life, along with my children. Two great women in my life that deserve to be honored and recognized for the truly great women they are, and who made me the woman I am today. thank you grandma and mom. I love you both dearly...and thank you for everything.


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