tagErotic PoetryFun in a Hotel Room

Fun in a Hotel Room


for you - ooops...i mean daddy.....i think of you and me and panting and sweating in a hotel somewhere here in cali ... you came here especially for me ... my birthday - finally eighteen - i think of you stretching me and the look on your face when you enter my tight young body for the very first time...how i know that you love the feel of my little girl cunny wrapping around your big huge daddy cock...and me trembling as the look on your face goes from soft and caring and loving to serious full of desire and lust ... and i pant out your name knowing that all of your hardness is for me....just as it has been since we first started this 'us' thing..i think of how it is going to feel to have you fill each and every one of my holes - my tight hot little holes - and how driven with lust...and how possesed you are going to look as you claim my body...claiming me...owning me...makeing me your own...i think of so many nasty dirty loving passionate and sensual things that i want to do to you and that i want you to do to me...i'm sick with need for you daddy...for you ...come home to your little girl...to your baby ...xoxo...

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