tagErotic Poetryfun times four

fun times four


you and he were sitting on the couch
she and i were on our knees
she was blowing you, i was blowing him
and both of you were pleased
you each came in our mouths
her and i shared a cum-flled kiss
trust me when i say
it doesn't get any better than this
i pulled out one of my dildos
after she and i swapped cum
it was double headed
so both of us would get some
one head in her ass
the other head in mine
we were butt to butt
fucking and feeling fine
the two of you stroking your dicks
and watching our kinky show
our asses slapping together
and your cocks'startng to grow
he stood in front of her
you stood in front of me
we sucked your dicks again
making us feel so sexy
real dicks in our mouths
a rubber dildo in our ass
if you're ever offered a four way
take it, do not pass
a second mouthful of cum
for her and i to share
having a foursome is awesome
nothing else can compare
it's time to switch positions
so her and i do a sixty-nine
the dildo got us prepared
to take your cocks in our behinds
you're fucking us each in the ass
while we suck each others clits
the dildo stretched us open
so that your dicks would fit

we all cum together
so we decide to call it a night
in the famous words of j.j
that was dynomite
the camera was on the tripod
capturing the whole thing
this is what it's like
when you're a couple who swings

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