tagErotic PoetryGay Partition 4

Gay Partition 4

byJack Gates©

Gay Partition 4
By Jack Gates.

I Answered His Ad!

I answered his ad
not knowing what to expect
conversing by letter
guided to his house by text.

Got a huge surprise
when he opened his door
he just shucked off his robe
and it fell to the floor.

My eyes they fastened
on his flaccid cock
which was longer than mine
when I was as hard as a rock.

He drew me like a girl
into his big strong arms
kissing me passionately
my head held in his palms.

His hands all over me
loosening buttons and zips
then I was turning away
as he pulled my pants off my hips.

We were both naked
locked in a sexual embrace
his fingers caressing my ass
as he showed me his place.

His bed was large
with sheets of black satin
on the walls were porn murals
painted on coconut matting.

Really was a passionate
love nest for a sensuous den
fit for the hot seduction
of all all us gay men.

We did kiss and touch
no errogenous zones missed
my cock stood erect
as it was stroked and kissed

He was gentle but firm
with a need to be intrusive
smacking me playfully
but was not a bit abusive.

Sometimes we were on his bed
and sometimes on the floor
each time he paused
I begged him for much more.

His massive cock turned me on
making me shiver with lust
my ass hole was greased ready
putting it in me he must.

Playfully we wrestled
on his huge silky bed
until he locked me down
by grip-locking my head.

His fingers probed my hole
telling me it was his target
so I cocked up my asshole
and told him to fuck it.

I oooooed and aaaghed
the agonising pain
as he shoved it right in
and drew it out again.

Oh! How we cried out
as we heaved and rucked
so hard at the shagging
Until we were both fucked.

As you may have guessed
this poems told the tale
once the juices are spent
it's time to put down my tail.

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