tagErotic PoetryGiselle At The Gate Of Openings

Giselle At The Gate Of Openings


Now watch her walk the busy streets
So unashamed and free
With rolling hips and smoldering eyes
For all the world to see.

Her tits spill out, her skirt rides high
Above her naked legs
See how she flirts and licks her lips
"Please fuck me sir", she begs.

"Please fuck me in my leaking cunt
And in my thirsty throat
Please fill my asshole till it brims
I'm hungry for your load."

She winks at passing gentlemen
At girls she pouts her lips
Her hands present her creamy tits
And show their swollen tips.

No shame she has, she corners men
And drowns their mouth with hers
Her knee rides high against their crotch
And makes their penis stir.

She grins and giggles as her hand
So tiny, yet so strong
Grabs round their bulges, stroking till
They're hard and fat and long.

And off she dances on her way
Through sweet slut's paradise
My horny, painted butterfly
She winks with shining eyes.

She stops a girl in midstride, holds
Her face in silken vice
And darts her tongue into a mouth
Still open with surprise.

But on she dances, dropping clothes
Now naked in the street
Her nipples pointing as they sway
Her cunt in throbbing need.

Three men of dark and southern skin
Now close her in and grab
Her breasts and thighs and sweet high ass
She's caught inside their web.

But she is thrilled, my butterfly
No sign of fear or fright
She wriggles lewdly in their grip
And squeals with great delight.

Dark hands now roughly squeeze her tits,
They probe her where they please
Two others grab her from behind
And push her to her knees.

A zip is down, a cock jumps out
Against her mouth and chin
"I'm open, sir, so wide for you",
She pants and takes him in.

They call her slut and cheer her on
"Now eat this, white trash whore
You swallow mighty nigger steel
That's what white sluts are for."

"Yes", she agrees and swallows all
Then raises her sweet bum
In silent plea: my cunt, my ass
Are begging for your cum.

Please fill them as you fill my mouth
Please stretch them with your meat
Aaaah, how I need my body filled
With sperm to douse my heat.

And there she kneels and takes them in
Now all her holes are full
She's stretched and thoroughly abused,
My perfect fucking tool.

Now all the women stop and stare
To watch the black men fuck
The blonde in all her openings
They envy her sweet luck.

They'd never dare and less admit
To how they also dream
Of having mouth and cunt and ass
Filled to the brim with cream.

The men, just like the women stare
And feel their bulges throb
They shuffle closer and unzip,
Too turned on now to stop.

A growing group surrounds the girl
Who's fucked in public streets.
They hold their cocks and rub their cunts
And groan their aching needs.

Then, as the girl in climax shakes,
The negroes speed their work
The men around her grab their cocks
And also start to jerk.

Black cocks now slide out from her mouth,
Her ass and dripping cunt.
The owners point them down to her
And yank them while they grunt.

The new men too, with unzipped pants
Aim to the shaking whore
Who trembles on her hands and knees
And mumbles, "more, please more..."

But all the women, skirts tucked up
No longer stand and lurk
They join the men and grab their cocks
To speed the steady jerk.

Now hear the moaning, grunting squeals
As all those cocks explode
First two, then more, then twenty shoot
Their white and creamy load.

Her face is drowned, her hair and tits,
Her back and trembling ass.
She shines and drips and deeply moans,
Her face a glorious mess.

"Thank you", she mumbles, "more, please more"
And tries to catch the globs.
Her fingers scrape them from her skin
She licks off every drop.

At last the men line up for her
To have her clean their dicks
She sucks them all with thirsty mouth
Their balls as well she licks.

Here, from my window I look down
And see her lie alone
Stretched out and naked, as her tongue
Licks sperm drops off the stone.

All men have gone, and women too
Still dazed from what they saw
A slut who took it all from them
Still wanting more and more.

I leave my house and walk to her
And pick her off the ground
The scent of sex, so raw and hot
Still lingers on around.

I kiss her deeply, taste the men
And stroke her ruined face
The sticky hair, the ravished mouth
Her eyes with trancelike glaze.

Come with me, sweet, I murmur then
And help her to her feet
She totters weakly on my arm
As we now leave the street.

But then I hear next to my ear,
Just as we reach my door
Her voice, it's hoarse and out of breath:
"Aaaah, more, Giselle needs more...."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/05/18

what you describe in brilliant verse

is even more exquisite in reality

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by KingCuddle02/02/18

Popular Girl...

Where, exactly, is she now? :+))

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