This poem doesn't really have a set rhythm or form or rhyming pattern. It was a way for me to get thoughts on paper about a dear friend of mine who had decided to join the US Army and had been deployed to Iraq. He was killed in action in December of 2004 -- Dedicated to First Lieutenant Cori P. Hamilton. Rest in peace, my friend.

Is there ever such a thing as saying "Goodbye"?

I think and wonder and even hope it will never be.

Since life with you in it has set me free.

I think of the future,
Never knowing is it me you want or is it another.

Is it your heart or mine that holds the true cure.

Our goal has been set.

Let us NOT say "Goodbye".

When we look to the future, we can say our hearts and souls have finally met.

No "Goodbyes" will be said.

We join together, united as one searching for our home.


No "Goodbyes" will be said.

Only cheers for today and hopes for a brighter tomorrow.

Is there ever a way to say "Goodbye"?

We think not, as we have overcome great odds.

We look to our future, it may not be now, it may not be tomorrow.

But the day will come.

When we know in our hearts and souls that we are glad we never said:


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