tagErotic PoetryGrandma's X-mas Encounter

Grandma's X-mas Encounter

byMy Erotic Tail©

Grandma got fucked by all the reindeers, coming home from our house, Christmas Eve. Or that is what she told us, and I'm inclined to agree.

‘Twas the night before Christmas and I was feeding my mouse. Mamma was in the living room, in her evening blouse. Putting presents, under our Christmas tree. Hoping that most, was for me. Little Tommy did, what ever he pleased. While dad was in the john, he is always in there long.

All the gifts had been exchanged, and all were headed home. She lived around the corner, and always walked alone. Her arm's full of presents, she looked like a Nome.

When all of a sudden, the door flew open wide. Grandma came in running, holding on to her side. Gasping for breath and yelling, we all thought someone had died. We all went in the kitchen, where she sat and sighed. Her hair straight up and clothes wrapped around. She really looked like, a little hobo clown.

She said that she was walking, and heard a lot of jingles. Turned to see a string of reindeer, leaping from the roof top shingles. Floating and singing, in the midnight air. Flying like they didn't, have a single care. Landed beside her whistling, and a bunch of horny coo's. She said she took off running but she had on her new shoes. They weren't quite broke in yet, so she could hardly move. Stuck there in the snow, like she had stepped in glue.

She said, "They spun her around and while her tush was in the air. They took turns at her, and gang banged her dairy air. There balls were a slapping," while she was gasping. "Like a pack of heated dogs they were humping and pumping. They were really something." She said that she, "Couldn't get up, off of her knees." And now her old corset, "Was full of little fleas."

They had their way with her, there was nothing she could do. Fucked her one by one, then two by two. Why they picked on her, she didn't have a fucking clue. "Reindeer have big dicks," she said smiling. "Now that’s something I never knew. Especially Blitzen, who was hung just like a mule."

She stated that, "Dasher was quite dashing, and thumped her through and through. Left the little hickey’s, that was on her neck so black and blue. He didn't leave me, with out a little kiss. After he had fucked, my wet pussy lips."

"Now Dancer did a little happy dance, when he was done. Spinning round, with woo hoo sounds, on his hooves he spun. I don't know why, cause he didn't last for very long." She claimed, "He went a scooting off, singing a Christmas song." I can't imagine how these reindeer, could have done something so wrong.

She said with a grin, "Rudolph wanted to be blew. Humped her mouth and held her head, till his nose turned blue." When he cum in her throat, he slapped her face with it too. "That he came and came, while she called out his name." That he was, "Surely playing, in there reindeer games."

She claimed that Cupid kissed her, with dripping mouth of dew. He was the only one, who didn’t want to screw. Licked her lips and jerked himself, for a time or two.

One pulled her hair and squeezed, on her sagging breast. "It was Donner," she could only guess. While he pumped her, holding up her dress.
This was obviously, why she looked a mess.

"Vixen didn't miss a beat, in this reindeer heat." She blurted that, "With whips and chains and leather boots, he made her kiss his feet."
"He slapped my ass beat red, for a time or two. Pulled my hair, said beg for more, what was I to do?"

While Comet was pulling, on her weary thighs. She saw some of them, exchanging high fives. Their hoofs a clashing in the air, in there holiday dare. But no one came to her, while she got anal'ized right there. Her ass was being reamed, so she cried out a scream. She said she thought, "This has to be a really bad dream, I'm full of reindeer cream."

They stripped her of her clothing, in the cold snow she was bare. "With all that has happened, it must look like a snow angel there." Just then one of them licked her, with a long warm tongue. Flicked her clit and stabbed her, with it long and deep: But grandma said, "That she didn't weep."

We all felt for this little women, who was so very old. Telling us that these reindeer, had filled her every hole. She had a little smile, the whole time the story got told. Scratching here and there from fleas, even though it was so cold. Her hair was a mess, as the story started to unfold.

Grandma had a lot of eggnog, so we weren’t sure at first, about her crazy tale. She had a little flask she hit, but she called it ale. We all know how grandma is, she use to be a little sleaze. Some how grandma, looked a little pleased.

We asked her about Santa, "Was the old man there?"

She said she couldn’t declare. "It was all a little glare."

Little brother Tommy blurted out, "Santa was in the living room. With momma on her knees. Was fixing Santa’s belt I guess, her tongue was
licking it, to help the latches ease." He said that, "Santa was a moaning," but not sure what was said, he was pulling moms hair, that is so very red. He guesses that her hair was caught, and that’s why she moaned too: but wanted his presents in the morning, so he didn't dare move.

Mom was a little flush, and left the room right there. Of course daddy, had a little glare: but he couldn't say to much, cause we all know were he was. In the bathroom with his playboys, jerking his little head. We all know that every magazine, has been read and read.

Grandpa was quiet, while sister sat upon his knee. Think he had his own, little horny sleaze. We all wondered why, he went home early and sister helped him there. She pulled upon his
beard, in a way that was weird.

The police came and took a report, but they just grinned at her tale. Gave granny a breathalyzer, said, "She really had failed. There were a lot of prints, out there in the snow: But it had been snowing and they were a little old.
They said that, "They would file it under UFOs and left the conversation there. Perhaps they didn't believe her, cause there's no witnesses anywhere.

Grandma walked a little funny, which leads me to believe. That those horny reindeer, humped this old sleaze: and grandma got fucked by all the reindeer, on this Christmas Eve.

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